Terms I use

Pofile photo2Terms I Use

In the African traditions, certain words are never used openly, even though everyone knows them. That and the lack of scientific terms in our local languages, makes it difficult to say these words, especially in front of elders and parents or even people younger than self and worse in the midst of children.

In my line of work I teach, consult and even seek information and advice from people of all walks of life as well as both genders and all adults from blushing eighteen year old to grandparents in their seventy. Being a lifestyle designer on sex and intimacy, intimate terms have to be part of my speech so in order to make those who are not my peers or gender comfortable I have come up with my own code names. These code names are not only fun, but also enable free flow of information without inhibition, thereby making my work easier, fun and most of all I am able to articulate important issues with respect. This has made it easier for my work to be accepted by many and for this I thank God for enabling me.

Words such as sex become ‘Mombasa raha’. Below is a list of all my code names:

Name Meaning Description / reason
Mombasa Raha Sex In Kenya, Mombasa which is a coastal city is associated with fun (Raha in Swahili) and the good life. It’s also my home town, thus very close to my heart. Since I believe sex is God’s gift of marriage and I love to share it with my husband, I thought why not Mombasa Raha.
Mr. Victor

Miss. Victoria



At a bridal shower, to the delight of all, a lady shared that she calls his penis Mr. Victor. So I thought that was fun and at the same time easy to mention as opposed to the P word. Then why not Victoria to the ‘V’, after all Victor and Victoria rhyme!  Mr. is masculine and Miss. Is more desirable as opposed to Mrs.
Pleasure Knob Clitoris The only organ in the human body whose sole purpose is sexual pleasure