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Other women who have lost their unborn babies too sharing


My name is Getrude Mungai. I am a Lifestyle designer on sex and relationships. A wife, mother, an author/blogger, TV and radio host and a motivational speaker. This year I will celebrate my 20th year in marital bliss. Married to the same man; Peter. Whom I have been in a relationship with for 25 years. Peter and I, are blessed with two sons, Mark and Albert who are in their teens.

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3 Responses

  1. I know the pain and grieving the loss may take time but you'll pull it through coz you not alone.

  2. My dear Sister!Yes a namesake to my younger sis.God has not forgotten you.he knows the pain ur going through,each tear that falls and the desires of your heart.I went through the same in 2011 december at 6 months and 2012 august at 5 months though not with fibroids mine was the issue of HBP that was the medics report.All in all lets keep on trusting in him.Get well sister!

  3. I am 25 had a stillbirth of a beautiful baby girl at 26 weeks in August year. Thank God for my loving companion who was there by my side and given soo much love, comfort and warmth through out my recovery process to date. I cant begin to recount the trauma of going through labour and birth of a still born but God's grace is sufficient..I am in awe of you Jehovah for you are not man to err..You planned everything. Getrude, God planned everything..take on the challenge and try again!

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