Sex and intimacy seminar


Sex and intimacy seminars are forums where we discuss sex and relational issues without sugar coating; we call a spade – a spade. At these forums I usually pick on a theme or topic which could range from:

  • Sex in marriage
  • Different types of sex
  • Hygiene and sexual etiquette
  • How to touch a naked man/woman; erogenous zones
  • Orgasms; different types and difficulties get them
  • Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido in men and women
  • Vaginal tightness; especially after childbirth
  • Sex positions; basic and advance
  • Oral and hand job sex
  • Products to enhance sex; couples accessories
  • Relational issues; communication, finances, in-laws, differences between men and women, women’s influence and men’s authority
  • Other topics

The following are groups that I talk to:

  • Women’s groups
  • Men’s groups (especially church groups)
  • Couples
  • Church groups
  • Corporate groups (women only or both men & women); at the office or during retreat and seminars