Bridal showers


A Bridal showers is a party held for a bride-to-be by her friends to celebrate her upcoming wedding as well as to gift her with meaningful gift . This is also a forum where she get advice on what to expect in the marriage as far as sex, intimacy and other relational issues.

My background

I am the pioneer bridal showers host in Kenya, I have over 10 years of experience giving talks and I also draw a wealth of knowledge from my own marriage. I am married to Peter Mungai since 1998 and a proud mother of, Mark and Al. Having grown up at the coast I underwent the traditional Swahili bridal training which my basic foundation. I have researched and studied various cultures as well as the Christian training to come up with a version is based on the modern career woman. To address the challenges in today’s marriage.  I have a strong Christian faith who believes in the marriage institution and its preservation and promotion.

Our packages include:

  1. Mr and Mrs weddingMr & Mrs. Wedding shower – approximately 4 hrs
    •  Combination of a bridal shower and stag party
    • Games, food and introduction talk together (men and women)
    • Session with women and men separately , including presentation and Q&A
    • Final session together, for the whole group
    • then bride and groom alone
    • Fantastic session for a wish list from both sides

Cost 30,000ksh

  1. Mother and daughter bridal showerMothers & daughters showers – approximately 3hrs
    • Usually organized by the mother
    • Excellent send off by a mother for a daughter
    • Mother invites her friends and plus the daughter’s friends
    • Mother and her friends to pass on wisdom to the girls
    • I bridge the gap and tackle heavy stuff mothers wouldn’t be comfortable to talk about
    • Fun and games for all

Cost 25,000 ksh

  1. kitchen party showerKitchen party bridal shower – approximately 2hrs
    • How to prepare tasty meals and organize your house both in the kitchen and bedroom
    • Most brides are career women and struggle to balance between career, wifely duties and mother hood
    • How to prepare or direct house help to make ingredients so makes can be make in less than a 30 minutes
    • Presentation and personal touch and importance of food in the home
    • Parenting and how to get your man to participate from when you bring the baby home

Cost 20,000 ksh

  1. Bridal ShowerBridal shower – approximately 2hrs
    • Topics are wide ranging depending on the bride’s exposure and question she might have. The most popular topics are:
      • His language of love; who men show love and sex to men
      • Touching a naked man; erogenous zone
      • Finances; finances break more marriages than affairs
      • In-laws and house helps
      • Bedroom etiquette and hygiene
      • The anatomy of miss Victoria and mr victor
      • Mombasa raha before and after pregnancy
      • Products to enhance lovemaking
      • Question and Answer session

Cost 20,000 ksh

  1. sex and intimacy seminarSex and intimacy talks for women and or couples – approximately 2 hrs
    • This is a session for those already married
    • The baby has come and things are not the same anymore
    • How to spice-it-up and keep the fire burning
    • Quality not quantity Mombasa Raha
    • Communications and finances
    • This is ideal for chamas, social and church groups

Cost 25,000 Ksh

  1. pole-dancePole dancing Bridal shower – approximately 2
    • The usual bridal plus pole and lap dancing

25,000 ksh

  1. Mini bridal showerMini Bridal shower – Question and answers – approximately 1hrs
    • A bridal shower on a budget where ladies field questions only

10,000 ksh

Important information

  • You must provide your own venue
  • There are transport charges outside Nairobi CBD
  • Booking is by payment of a non refundable deposit; Before payment call 0722 900 523 for availability