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Loss of my unborn baby


My name is Getrude Mungai. I am a Lifestyle designer on sex and relationships. A wife, mother, an author/blogger, TV and radio host and a motivational speaker. This year I will celebrate my 20th year in marital bliss. Married to the same man; Peter. Whom I have been in a relationship with for 25 years. Peter and I, are blessed with two sons, Mark and Albert who are in their teens.

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125 Responses

  1. Anne Muthoni says:

    get well soon gal. It is well

  2. God only picks the best and there was nothing we could do about it. but Gods prayer

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you a quick recovery Gertrude.

  4. Sorry for that .I can identify with you .I also underwent the same.I lost my unborn baby on 9th Feb 2014.It was a very sad experience.Lost a lot a blood.But God grace is sufficient for all Mama who had undergone this experience

  5. it is well with you in Jesus Name

  6. Getrude, sorry for yo loss! i pray God continues to strengthen you and yo family. Lots of love and quick recovery

  7. So sorry Getrude Mungai,I am touched by this blog and it has reminded me of a lady friend who also wanted a baby boy until she had named the boy Samson but God had to take away the little angel who apparently was a girl just a week to EDD.We should thank God in every situation and we allow him to do his course according to his plans.

  8. May the peace of The Lord be with you and your family. Get well soon dear.

  9. Esther Mbevi says:

    pole for the Loss and Get well soon

  10. Mimi Janet says:

    Waaaah. Gertrude. I dont have the right words to tell. I know the pain of loosing a child cant be compared. I ask God who is the best comforter and great magician to see u thru. It is well my dear. Kudos to ua boys for being so supportive. And Pete may God bless him.

  11. Getrude Mungai get well soon i know you can do it but leave all to the Lord.

  12. I met with Peter yesterday and he told me what happened. I prayed for you my dear.

  13. I am so sorry for this traumatizing experience. Wishing you a quick recovery.

  14. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28). God is faithful and when we trust Him He takes care of of even in situations where darkness is all we see. May he grant you the peace and will to know that baby Ceasar is an angel in His Kingdom and is watching over you.

  15. So sorry about that…i wish you a super quick recovery Getrude

  16. Lenah Mutua says:

    very touching get well soon Getrude

  17. So sorry n pray for ur quick recovery

  18. Lonah Asigo says:

    Pole sana mwanetu. God is in it with you dear.

  19. waoh!!! such a testimony and by his grace your well sorry for the loss and may God grand you peace

  20. Eve Kare says:

    Pole sana Getrude Mungai when all this is over,if u still want a baby girl.u could consider adoption.coz there are many angels who are baby girls and want a home,a family.

  21. Soooo sorry for the loss, your story is so painful but we pray that God gives u n ur family strength and quick recovery!

  22. Ooh, pole Getrude Mungai for the loss of your baby.

  23. Esy Gichobi says:

    Am really sorry May our merciful father grant you joy peace and acceptance

  24. Am soo sorry Getrude.may God's grace and peace be with you now and always.

  25. That was a traumatic experience but in all things, He is still God. Get well soon and I pray you still get your baby girl. Call her Taraji (Hope)

  26. pole sana and get well soon

  27. Mercy Mwai says:

    The Lord is faithful,,be strong dear for in his own time he will make everything beautiful

  28. Pole sana mama… Am almost in tears but God loves you. You are ok & healthy now. 🙂

  29. Judy Nimo says:

    sorry for that.. quick recovery Getrude..

  30. So sorry Getrude, take heart and in everything give thanks to God.

  31. Eva Shiku says:

    So sorry Getrude Mungai God knows the reason it all went like that may He give u the strength to carry on and get well soon you are a strong woman God bless you.

  32. Prayers is all dat is needed to fill the gap for yu Our Jehovah God is and will be with yu for helping and torching lifestyles of many and enlightening them .God bless yu and yur family durin painful moments lyk this once

  33. Pole Sana Getrude Mungai..sounds so painful but God will continue carrying you through the pain of loss. Still be Grateful for everything.

  34. My heart goes out to you Getrude…may God give you sufficient strength to smile again and enjoy little things in life.God bless

  35. So sorry for the pain. God is your healer, He has given you another chance for you to be in His service delivery. You are a noble vessel meant for a noble task Getrude, everything you have gone through has got a purpose, as the Almighty is the your author. All the glory the Lord. Quick recovery

  36. I wish you a quick recovery. and praying for God's never ending love and strength on you and your entire family.

  37. pole sana. And God will repay u Your Gift that you lost. It was not meant to yours.

  38. In all things we give thanks, for this is the will of God..

  39. Gladys Njeri says:

    Your courage in the midst of a storm is so encouraging to many women who look upto you.God will hold you by His hand and use you to breath hope to many women going through the same.He is with you and your family.Blessings.

  40. Pole sana Getrude and to your husband Pete and baby boys. May our God heal all of you both in spirit and all of your body. God bless you abundantly.

  41. So sad. Mungu akupe nguvu na uponyaji

  42. Hugs#Pray that God gives you double dose of grace to go through this.Bless you.

  43. Be strong and take courage…

  44. Pole sana 4 wht u gone throu, quick recovery dear

  45. Getty, u r the best. May the lord protect u with your family. Tough moments don't last but tough people does.get well soon

  46. Get well soon.sorry for your loss.

  47. Pole sana Getrude for your loss. May God comfort you and your family in this time and may He grant you quick healing

  48. Allan Johnes says:

    Pole sana Pete & Getrude…. one thing remember is that all that happens, happens to honor and glorify God. We may not understand how or why…. but there is always something good….

  49. Irene Njogu says:

    Ooh my God thts sooo sad….pole Sana…b at peace

  50. So sorry for what you have gone through madam.God will see through.Sad you are not coming back to host you show 'bahari ya mapenzi'-you had a magical touch.

  51. Oooh dear Getrude Mungai! pole sana. God Grace is sufficient, get well soon.

  52. Phyllis Muya says:

    It is all well and I thank God for you will recover soon

  53. Lucy Steve says:

    So sorry Gertrude. Get well soon dear.

  54. Get well Getrude. Am truly sorry and sorry for ur loss. It wil be well in Jesus name.

  55. Mumo Davies says:

    So sorry. God is able! Get well soon.

  56. Linda Debra says:

    Pole Sana mpendwa. mungu awe nanyi!!

  57. Annie Mburu says:

    All will be well with you and your family.God loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

  58. Kiki Luicita says:

    Get well soon…n may God give u strength

  59. Hi Getrude
    Michelle , I am sorry for your loss, I know how u feel coz my hubby and I have been there in 2011, it's the hardest thing in life ,and I know they say time is a healer , but this one stays, it gets better in time, sometimes it just hits u and back @ square 1, but be gentle and be kind to yourself xx he/ she is a better place with TheLord. Forgive my Uncle Kidero for the potholes am sure it's for a good course xxx look after your self God is in control

  60. Patty Kosse says:

    Oh pole, get well soon. When u get better, you can consider adopting a baby girl my dear. It shall be well.

  61. Poleni sana. Mine was a similar situation I wanted a girl too becoz I had twin boys bradley n Barry. They were 9 yrs n I thought it was the right to give them a sister. I counted the days so I started mombasa raha on 11 day n stopped hiyo mwezi ikapita hivyo nothing. So planned again for 12th day n also at the same time I wanted to go 4 a womans clinic 4 a thorough check up n i planned 4 it when i was 3 days past my periods. It was on a monday I went to though I was told womans clinic is always on wednesday bt was advised to some minor test like pregnancy b4 wednesday n there I was told I was pregnant. my plans had to change from womans clinic to ante natal. So scheduled my clinic to the next wk Wednesday. But that week on wednesday night after mombasa raha I felt mild pain n minor bleeding so I assumed may be it was caused by the process but come thursday the bleeding continues but it wasnt alot. My decided we should go back to hossy. Both scans (trans viginal n the kwaida abdominal)was done but showed nothing. The nurses assumed may becz it was still little. I was given some dawas n a 1 wk bedrest n check up after 1 wk. The pain went away but the bleeding was minor not feeling a pad in 12 hrs. By tuesday nxt wk the bleeding had stopped n was due for my next visit on wednesday. We went n did both scans. The nurse n the sonogragher gave us rude answer imagine being told" may be u were not pregnant in the first place". We left that hossy broken hearted cz we were expecting them 2 give an assurance n here we r. My hubby was so pised n from that day I swear not to go bACk to that hossy. ( its one of those big hossies in nairobi coubty by the way but I cant name it here) niliwasamea lakini. Deep down in me I was feeling that this pregnqncy is so so strange no nausea nothing. the next wk I went back to work since I was not in pain nor bleeding anymore. 4 wks later n since i was on nightn that day i decided to seek a 2nd opinion from gyna who consult for my hubbys co. That was on thursday n she sent for an ultra sound that afternoon. The scan comfirmed the worst news in our lives. We having an ectopic pregnancy n I was 8 weeks going to 9. I took the news casually n went to work. I didn't break the news to my hubby on phone I waited until we r home. I hd not heard a clear info about ectopic until I started googling. What I read was scarring me though I thought may be something can be done abt it, the next day we started consulting if there a way out but consultants said the only option is to remove via laparacopic procedure since it had grown kiasi. At that we decided to break the news to my doctor who advised me for an urgent admission to nairobi hosy. It was a mater of urgency she was their attending to other patients but booked me in n also the theatre must be ready. We werent far n arrive the aftet 20 minutes n 30 minutes later I was at the theatre.she saved my life though but unfortunately I lost one of my fallopian tubes. She cleared me to try again 3 months later. After the clearance we tried n tried n nothing was forthcoming. 6 months down the line we decided to do some tests n was also given unpleasant news. My remaining tube is also blocked. Was given 2 options to try one being surgery n IVF.At that point I told God those 2 are not my options. Gave my self 1 yr 2 monrhs upto the end of 2013 to sought other n avenues. I chose to do the following which i started in mid january 2013 go herbal, massage my abdomen morning n evening, drink 1 litre of water first thing in the morning n to do 30 minutes, 3 times weekly n a dedicated 9 day prayer. Though I was not given a girl, 1 month after starting the regiem 1 got pregnant. Pregnancy which was so so smooth growing belly n the kicks kud only tell me I was in deed pregnant. Our baby Brayden came to us 3 wks early but in perfect health he is now 8 months 1 wk. As mothers we go through so much but God gave a strong will power to push on. My God help u n your family give u strength to go through healing process especially 4 ua kids.hope my story can inspire some1 done give up.

    • Getrude says:

      Thanks Valentine, yours case is moving and inspirational. I am sure it will encourage women in similar situations. It also offers hope and reaffirms the restoring power and grace for the almighty God. Thanks for sharing, your are a strong woman indeed. God bless you and your boys. Regards Getrude

  62. Grace Kimani says:

    Pole sana May the lord's grace be with you

  63. Maggie Ryan says:


  64. Maggie Kossy says:

    Vale this is a strong message, God is able. Brayden had to be born!!!

  65. pole sana Getrude. Be strong for the Lord is with you.

  66. We thank God you are well. RIP lil Ceaser

  67. Rose Lyne says:

    May the Lord see you and your family through.Quick recovery

  68. Drusie Chem says:

    Val this an inspiring story. may God sprinkle His blessing unto u and ur entire family

  69. am speechless dear, i can't believe but prayers is the solution, that's is the most painful experience, one can imagine?

  70. Getrude Omad says:

    Take heart. There is always sushine after the rain.

  71. Jane Wairimu says:

    God is faithful and in everything He has a reason for it,and all things worketh out for good to those who trust Him.You are a strong woman and i admire your courage.
    may Our Lord continue doing you good .

  72. Suew Kamau says:

    Take heart, and to not forget that there is a reason for everything, may God comfort you and the family.

  73. Nelly Kipusa says:

    Pole dear God who give and take am sure there is a reason for everything and another one will come soon

  74. Terry Rogers says:

    God is on the throne it is well….

  75. Nancy Njagi says:

    A so sorry. God gives and God takes away. Glory to his name. Wishing you quick recovery.

  76. sorry getrude mungai wit ur fam….may tha lord comfort u n be there 4u lovely lady. we serve a faithful God n he will never leave nor foresake thee. Be strong ma dear n peace b wit u

  77. Anto Thuo says:

    Get well soon my great mentor.So sorry

  78. How deep,thank God for the healing n may u continue healing positively

  79. Sorry abt your experience. By the way the 1st hospital wasnt wrong only that it was too early to diagnose.I glorify God you refused to believe man's report abt your tubes…the God who created us understands us better.

  80. Moso Pamela says:

    pole val and Get for enduring all that pain.

  81. May God give u n ur family peace..u r blessed

  82. Lydia Maina says:

    pole sana Getrude Mungai may the peace of the Lord n strength b ur comfort together with ur family

  83. I'm so sorry Gertrude in God we trust everything happen for a reason .pole sana

  84. POLE sana u r a strong woman….

  85. Get well soon gettie n God will bless ur womb again!

  86. Ouch this is really sad, you such a strong woman. God bless yoi

  87. Mumo Nzinga says:

    Am really touched by your narrations, what a touching story? Receive my comfort and above all, sorry for what befell you. Hear this, everything happens for good for those who love the LORD, Take heart!! POLENI SANA!!!

  88. Pole sana for your loss… Been there twice and it was the hardest thing in the whole world.. The switch from ventolin to oxytocin is a curse. I thank God that He blessed me with two adorable little people despite the pains of before. Thanking God for keeping you in total peace. It is well.

  89. Hellen Kamau says:

    You are a strong woman. God Bless you and strengthen you more always.

  90. Strong woman survive no matter what. Believe in yourself

  91. Benter Akoth says:

    Vale, Don’t look at how big the problem is but look at how big God is. You may not know your tomorrow but trust in the one who knows everything, created everyone and even knows what tomorrow holds. The one who even sustain life and sees our children blow their birthday candles. My story and pain cannot be narrated in black and white, but have experienced what it means “never give –up” and I know the struggle of looking for a baby. It’s not automatic neither obvious as may be assumed.

  92. Get well soon and may God almighty see you and your family through this.

  93. Mercy Muyela says:

    Pole saana mom,God will see u through…..

  94. Valentine Kiptoo am lost for words. All I can say is God is great and you are a strong woman. Iron Lady!!

  95. God be with you and may the Lord continue to heal you and give you the strength you require.

  96. God be with you, dont lose hope His will will prevail in your life, I lost two pregnancies last year at six and five months and now am at my seventh month of pregnancy and I know God will see me through..it shall be well

  97. May God continue to strengthen you and comfort you.God loves u soo soo much and he still has good plans for you.

  98. Getrude, its never easy what a woman goes through, the whole process of conception then loosing a child its not easy though it gets easier. may God always encourage you and hold you up in great esteem. be encouraged all is not lost you have a wonderful family that is supporting you and standing with you. God bless you

  99. pole sana. may God continue to strengthen you.

  100. Agnes Njakai says:

    You are one favoured and strong woman.We thank God.We love you as always and may you get well soon.

  101. thanks for sharing you have consoled my heart .. underwent more pain after losing my baby girl July last year at one of the rogue hospitals that i would rather not mention here, at delivery having carried her to full terms. It was some sort of medics faults but i have learnt to seek comfort and solace in the Lord and also to leave all to Him, He knows best. It was the worst most painful time for me. I even almost lost my life. I went through normal labour while feeling the baby kicks. all went well until the time for the baby to come out and they said she had a shoulder arrest. They struggled and struggled until i became unconscious only to wake up after surgery and i was told that the baby didn't make it. It was too difficult for me even now one year after.. I sometimes cry a lot but… anyway lemi end here
    I still hope God will remember me again.

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  1. September 19, 2014

    […] over to her blog; Gertrude Mungai’s blog and read her story, in her own […]

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