Who is Getrude Mungai

My name is Getrude Mungai. I am a Lifestyle designer on sex and relationships. A wife, mother, an author/blogger, TV and radio host and a motivational speaker. This year I will celebrate my 20th year in marital bliss. Married to the same man; Peter. Whom I have been in a relationship with for 25 years. Peter and I, are blessed with two sons, Mark and Albert who are in their teens.

Born and raised on the Kenyan coast. I am privileged to born and raised in the Rabai community from the Kenyan coast. Rabais prepares girls from puberty on the realities of sex and intimacy in marriage. The basics of my knowledge is a wealth of African traditional culture. This knowledge is from various tribes and communities in East Africa and beyond. I have also traveled extensively and learned from my visits. From the Indians the art of Kama Sutra and the secret of the Middle East from a Harlem trainer.  I constantly keep abreast of developments in the sex and intimacy field and read widely. With knowledge from the West and East plus experiences and practical experiments in my own marriage, the end product is a customized and tailor made product for our modern African society.

Corporate motivational talks

To date I have had sessions with thousands of women locally and abroad as well as a few hundred men.  Churches, multinational corporations and banks among others are institutions that I have given talks.

Articles published

Newspapers and magazines I have written for about sex, romance and relationship include the Sunday Standard newspaper (EVE weekly magazine) my page is titled “between the sheets”. For the Nairobi star newspaper I wrote for them for over a year; my column was dubbed “Sex Auntie”.

I am a guest writer for the website www.lovematters.co.ke. I answer questions sent by readers for them, they publish my articles.

Publications that have feature my work

Various magazines in Kenya have written about me and my work. These include Eve,  True Love and salon magazines that cater for women. Adam magazine for men. Drum and Parents magazines which are family oriented. Newspapers such as the Nation, Taifa Leo and Standard have also published my work.

Radio and TV shows

I have also co-hosted a morning drive show on Kiss FM for a month and appeared on severally Citizen TV’s breakfast show, KBC TV, NTV and KTN TV stations. The BBC world radio services did a profile and also highlighted my work on their website.

Recently, (2013 – 2015)  I hosted a radio show ‘Bahari ya mapenzi’ (ocean of love), was an adult-only programm where I address issues related to sex and intimacy. I also co-host a breakfast show on 1 FM 97.5, every Monday and Wednesday. In 2013, I hosted one of the hottest shows ever seen in Kenya titled ‘Connect’ on K24 TV station, where I advise couples on relationships as well as sex and intimacy. One of the episodes from the show has over 2 million views on YouTube.

In August 2016  I shot a TV shows; A Swahili language show dubbed as  Wasia na Getrude Mungai on DSTV and GOTV on Maisha Magic East channel. Now I am bock on K24 TV in a program christen Konnect with Getrude Mungai which airs every Thursday and Fridays at 10 pm; this is a continuation of Connect from 2013.

The Glamour Magazine – UK, featured my work in 2008 and voted me as one of the women making a positive change in the world.  In 2012 a German TV station featured my work and the impact I am having on families in East Africa. I was also privileged to be invited to do seminars in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa, where I appeared on TV and radio stations as well as newspapers and magazines in the counties. Of these countries I have ongoing interviews with Kaya FM of Johannesburg South Africa.

My blog gets about 500,000 hits a month.

SCR work

It’s my firm conviction that one must give back to society as they receive from the same community. I also believe that one must have a mentor and in return have a men-tee. To this end, my charity work involves volunteering at the Kenya Cancer Association, where was treasurer in 2013. I am also the founder and patron of Fadhili Mschana Trust, whose motto is “facilitate, motivate and mentor” poor rural school girls and boys. We provide the girls with sanitary pads and underwear and in the process motivate them to study harder through mentor-ship. As for the boys we involve them in sports like football and farming. We strive to give them life skills as opposed to handouts.