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Miss Victoria toning and tightening

Miss Victoria toning and tightening

Miss Victoria toning and tightening is one of those things most women want especially after childbirth. Contrary to popular belief, natural childbirth is not the major cause of loose Miss Victoria muscles. The biggest cause is the weight of the baby on the muscles during pregnancy. So one can have weak Miss Victoria muscle even with the caesarean section. Furthermore, some doctors stitch so well that  Miss Victoria muscles become better toned than before natural childbirth. Some women achieve the big ‘O’ for the first time after giving birth. But these are rare cases.

Painful sex 0

Can painful sex be enjoyable?

For some people, spicing things up might mean having sex in new places, or trying different positions. For others, it might be a form of BDSM. Whatever your sexual cup of tea is, however,...

Vaginal odour

10 points to prevent bad vaginal odour

Bad vaginal odour is embarrassing and could make women lack sexual confidence. Offensive vaginal odour is an indication that something is not right. Usually a sign of infection. Most women pay too much attention...


Dry moments

Every woman goes through dry moments and by this I don’t mean lean times. I mean vaginal dryness. This could lead to painful sex as well as bruises. Making many women shy away from...