How can I increase my penis size?


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3 Responses

  1. RAPHAEL says:

    Powerful confidence and perfect boldness

  2. Moniah says:

    Its the confidence you have during sex that will make you feel your membrane not small

  3. Chris says:

    Good advice and excellent information. A man may have a small penis, even a tiny one, but that doesn’t make him a small man, unless he lets it. One thing that is certain to make a man more unattractive to a woman than finding out that he has a nubbin is if he is insecure or even angry about it. He will not give her toe-curling orgasms from penetration alone, but he can still please her in other ways. As a man with one of those tiny nubs, I learned to use toys, and without embarrassment I wear a penis extender sleeve for my wife’s pleasure.

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